Argentinians: Craziest Fans I Know

I arrived in Polokwane on June 22, 2010 to watch Argentina play Greece.  Even though Argentina was going to destroy Greece, I was excited to watch Lionel Messi play.  I love Messi to the point that I have been accused of having a man crush on him.  Unfortunately for me, I can’t say much in my defense.

All the hotels were booked in Polokwane, but at the tourist information building I was able  to rent a home with five Argentinians.  Once we got settled in, we went close to the stadium and ate boerewors (South African version of bratwurst).  After two hours of eating and talking with other World Cup goers, we headed for the stadium.

In the stadium I met Higuain’s brother, probably the closest I’ll get to touching, I mean to meeting Messi.  I sat next to my new friends and spent the game jumping up and down singing different Argentine songs.  As predicted Argentina destroyed Greece.  At the end of the game, a mob of Argentinians gathered into a big circle around three drums and began singing and jumping up and down.  It was crazy.  They were celebrating like Argentina had just won the World Cup.  I was in the middle of the crowd being pushed back and forth.  It was as if I were in a mosh-pit at a rock concert. Besides being white with blond hair and blue eyes and not knowing all of the words to the songs, I think I blended in well with all of the other fans.

After an hour of singing, police came out and started to push us out of the stadium.  For a moment I thought a riot was going to break out as fans started to push back on the police shields.  However, the police slowly continued to push us out of the stadium as everyone continued singing and dancing.  Oh Argentina! Es un sentimiento que no se puede olvidar!  Oh le, oh le, oh le, oh la!  Oh le, oh le, oh le, oh la!


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