Transportation in Europe

The most expensive part of traveling is traveling.  This is especially true when the exchange rate is not in your favor.  If you’re not man enough to cycle through Europe, I have some recommendations that will save you money.  Just as a side note, I cycled through Europe.  I’m a MAN.

To save money when traveling in Europe, I recommend using a discount airline or train.  The best discount airlines that I have used are RyanAir, EasyJet, and German Wings.  Just a few tips when using these discount airlines, make sure you check which airports these airlines use.  Many times they don’t use main airports.  There’s a website with other discount airlines called EuroFlights.

I have never traveled by train in Europe, but the best train website I found was RailEurope.  The best advice I can give is be flexible with your travel plans.  The more flexible you are the better deals you can find.

How do you save money when you travel?


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