Bucket List

For a long time I have wanted to organize my life goals into a list (aka bucket list).  I thought just before the new year would be the perfect time for me to officially publish my list.  These goals are in no specific order.  Some of these goals I have had for a long time, some of them I just made.  I included goals that I have completed (they’re in red) because I wanted to make a comprehensive list of all my life’s goals.  You’ll notice that most of my goals deal with traveling (hopefully by now you can tell it is one of my passions).  What are some things on your bucket list?  Is there anything you’d like to see me do?

1.       Go on a safari and see a cheetah (Kruger Park 2010)

2.       Visit South Africa (Summer 2010)

3.       See the pyramids/Sphinx (Summer 2010)

4.       Stand on the Great Wall of China (1996)

5.       Scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef (2000)

6.       Go sky-diving (New Zealand 2007)

7.       Bungy Jump (New Zealand 2007)

8.       Rock Climb (Montana 1994 and Utah 2008)

9.       Visit a country with no plans (New Zealand 2007)

10.        Scuba dive with sharks (Palau 1996)

11.        Stand on the Eiffel Tower (Summer 2009)

12.        Travel alone (New Zealand 2007)

13.        Hitchhike (Guatemala 2003)

14.        Dive a shipwreck (Chuuk 1997)

15.        Score a game winner (Virginia 2002)

16.        Win a tournament (Singapore 2001, Virginia 2002)

17.        Be at a World Cup game (South Africa 2010)

18.        Breakdance in a national competition

19.        Go to the Coliseum (Italy 2009)

20.        Learn to water ski

21.        Watch my favorite soccer player (Lionel Messi) live (South Africa 2010)

22.        Watch my favorite soccer team live (Barcelona)

23.        Deep sea fish (South Africa 2010)

24.        Ice climb (New Zealand 2007)

25.        Learn to surf (Myrtle Beach 2008)

26.        Graduate from college (BYU 2010)

27.        White water raft (Snake River 2009)

28.        Learn a new language (Spanish 2005)

29.        Mountain Bike (Malaysia 2001)

30.        Win big in Vegas

31.        Learn to ski moguls

32.        Go on a church service mission (Guatemala 2003-05)

33.        Get on a game show

34.        Travel to all seven continents (Been to North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia)

35.        Visit the Amazon

36.        Island hop to deserted islands by kayaking (Bahamas 2013)

37.        Live off the land for five days

38.        Get married (Married the love of my life 10/2014)

39.        Have children

40.        Create a blog (2010)

41.        Invest in the stock market

42.        Create an original and outstanding recipe

43.        Sell a piece of home-made pottery

44.        Go to Antarctica

45.        Become an Eagle Scout (2002)

46.        Travel through Mongolia (horse-back?)

47.        See the Taj Mahal

48.        Have a career (I’m an Instructional Designer)

49.        Change someone’s life (Guatemala 2004)

50.        Visit 100 countries

51.        Climb to the base camp of Everest (further if possible)

52.        See Machu Picchu (Peru 2011)

53.        Publish a photo or article in a travel magazine

54.        Take scenic pictures in Switzerland and Austria

55.        Witness the Northern Lights

56.        Visit Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)

57.        Visit Hagia Sophia (Turkey)

58.        Ride in a hot air balloon

59.        Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

60.        Visit Petra (Jordan)

61.        Break a Guinness World Record

62.        Attend Holi in India

63.        Audition for a reality TV show (Amazing Race or Survivor)

64.        Go Heli-skiing

65.        Run for an elected office

66.        Go into space

67.        Try-out for a professional soccer team

68.        Have my future read (Miss Berry told me I was going to be live long and be rich and happy!)

69.        Win the lottery (any amount of money)

70.        Travel to all 50 states

71.        Drink Fiji water in Fiji

72.        Write a song

73.        Meet someone famous (Vanilla Ice- Not sure if this counts haha)

74.        Run a marathon

75.        Save someone’s life

76.        Visit the Parthenon

77.        Sumo wrestle in Japan

78.        Touch Lionel Messi

79.        Own a VW Bus

80.        Learn to head spin without tapping

81.        Give a famous person my autograph

82.        Wear a kilt in Scotland

83.        Have 15 minutes of fame

84.        Shoot par (72) on a golf course

85.        Become a Millionaire

86.        Read Plato’s Republic

87.        Stay in the most expensive room of a hotel for free

88.        Assist an old person across the road

89.        Be my own boss

90.        Buy or sell something at an auction (Bought a car from an auction 2015)

91.        Ride an animal that shouldn’t be ridden (Ostrich, Alligator, etc.)

92.        Take part in a wrestling match (WWE)

93.        Enter a competition that I have no right participating in (American Idol, Eating contest, darts, etc.)

94.        Visit Jerusalem’s old city

95.        Help someone in every country I visit

96.        Randomly go to the airport and take the first departing flight

97.        Be in a parade (BYU Homecoming parade 2008)

98.        Have a 401K

99.        Sell everything I don’t need (2008-All my possessions fitted into two plastic containers and two bags)

100.    Create a successful blog (100+subscribers, You can help me with this!)

101.    Create a bucket list (Just completed)

102.    Fly an airplane (Thanks to my sister I did this 2012)

103.    Drive a tank

104.    Discover an amazing non-tourist destination and recommend it to everyone I know.

105.    Visit Iguazu Falls

106.    Be a mime for a day

107.    Play chess against a random person in the park (I played chess against random Peruvians and got dominated 2001)

108.    Hand-hop 10 times

109.    Stick an air-chair drop

110.    Hang-glide

111.    Start a fire with sticks

112.    Be a mascot (Cosmo 2009)

113.    Travel to Greenland


6 thoughts on “Bucket List”

  1. Brandon! I am excited that through all your adventures I have completed 3 things on your bucket list, fly a plane (which if you ever come visit us Treven can help you accomplish that), visit Iguazu Falls (worth the trip), and visit the amazon (one of my favorite memories was having our guide shut off the engine of our small boat when the sun was setting and we just drifted until it was dark one of the most amazing things ever)! Love your blog! Chantal

  2. #114-move back to utah so mike’s life is not as boring and doesn’t suck as much. hahahaha….
    i really like the list. i love the idea of a bucket list. i am still in the process of making my life’s bucket list. but also this next year of 2011, i have decided to really make my new year’s resolutions into a bucket list for the year, that way i can ensure that my goals are something more realistic and less theoretical, so i can check them off 1 by 1. also i kind of wanna make a similar bucket list for each month.

    ps i really like #s 94, 107, 47, and 69

  3. Chantal- I’m jealous that you got to spend time in Brazil and didn’t invite me. haha I’ve wanted to go there for a long time. Tell Treven that he needs to take me flying, after all grandma and I did check all his papers…well grandma did, but I was present.
    Mike- When we get our job, we are going to do 94, 107, and 69 together!
    What are some things on both of your lists?

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