Luxor Temple

Instead of flying from Aswan to Luxor, I decided to take a train.  At the station I discovered that there were two types of tickets, a tourist and local ticket.  The tourist ticket was more expensive, so I told the ticketing agent that I was a local.  I don’t know why, but he didn’t believe that I was Egyptian.  This came as a surprise to me because I had exerted a lot of effort into blending in.

When I got to Luxor I bargained with a motorcycle taxi driver to take me to the Steigenberger hotel.  The hotel was going to be the nicest hotel I had stayed at in a long time.  Usually I stay at hostels or cheap hotels, but I found an amazing deal just before I left Cairo.  I ended up paying less than $40 a night at this five star hotel!  They had a free breakfast, pool, and a great view of the Nile, especially at sunset.

The Luxor Temple was my first stop.  It was amazing how different Luxor Temple is compared to Abu Simbel.  There are huge pillars, tons of statues of all sizes, an obelisk, hieroglyphics, Roman writing and statues, and Catholic paintings.  I couldn’t believe how much history could be found in one location.  After several hours of trying to discover all that the Luxor Temple had to offer I went back to the hotel.

That night I enjoyed a peaceful walk along the Nile back to the city center.  When I arrived at the center, the Luxor Temple was all lit up.  The lights gave the temple a completely different look.  It was an incredible sight.  I decided it would be a good decision to eat across the street from the temple so that I could enjoy the scenery.  WRONG! The food was terrible.  It was greasy with little flavor, and the little flavor it did have was disgusting.  Just like the temple at night, it’s hard to adequately describe the awful taste of the platter I received.  I guess that’s the joy of traveling, sometimes you find hidden gems, other times you find gems that you wished had remained hidden.

I know the description of the Luxor Temple is very short and elementary, but it is impossible to describe everything I found in the temple.  There was so much to see and enjoy.  It’s astonishing that the ancient Egyptians decorated every visible area of the temple with ornate statues, hieroglyphics, paintings, and carvings.  I hope that my pictures can give you an idea of what I was able to enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Luxor Temple”

  1. We’ve done Luxor to Cairo on the overnight train a few times. An amazing experience!

    Last year we decided to travel in style and took the sleeper carriage instead. Shake, rattle and roll springs to mind with not much sleep to be had but a great adventure and I’m sure we will repeat it at some time in the future!

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