Photo Description of Luxor Temple

Since I can’t sufficiently describe Luxor Temple in words, I hope that my photos can do it justice.  Remember you can click on the photos to enlarge. Let me know what you think!

Entrance of Luxor Temple

Back of Luxor Temple

Entrance way to Luxor

Inside Luxor

A guy from the Blue Man group or an alien

More paintings of aliens

Egyptian handshake

Catholic Painting

Roman Statue

Roman Writing


3 thoughts on “Photo Description of Luxor Temple”

  1. Hey, great photos!

    We love Egypt and particularly, Luxor.

    We were back there last summer and had a week at the Winter Palace Pavillion hotel (the cheap seats at the back of the Old Winter Palace). At least we share the same facilities so the pool area is astounding.

    The square in front of the Luxor Temple is now lovely and we were very impressed with some of the changes in the local shopping areas. We visited the West Bank too and did all our trips under our own steam by hiring a local minibus by the hour.

    We used a guy called Ahmed at Petra Travel and would recommend him to anyone planning a visiit to Luxor.

    Thanks for sharing your photos!

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