#68, Check!

I have set a goal to be continually working on one bucket list item.  So far, so good.  #68 on my Bucket List was to have my future read.  When I was a kid I loved the Disney cartoon version of Robin Hood.  One of my favorite parts was when Robin dressed up like a gypsy and pretended to read Prince John’s future.  The big crystal ball that Little John dropped into the carriage fascinated me.  Since then I always thought it would be cool to have my future read by a fortune teller.

Who better to fulfill #68 than the top rated psychic in Texas?  Don’t ask me how they do the psychic ranking (it’s probably like the NCAA football rankings, no one really knows and only fans of the team ranked #1 agree).  My friend Leslie decided to accompany on this little adventure.  She didn’t seem too excited, but I could tell that deep down inside she had questions that she wanted answered.  I was glad for the company because I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Disappointingly, Miss Berry wasn’t what I expected in the #1 psychic of Texas.  She was dressed in normal clothing and there wasn’t anything mysterious about the extra room of her house where she conducted her psychic predictions.  What added to my disappointment was the absence of a crystal ball.  The situation was nothing like Robin Hood, except for the feeling that I might get robbed.

As Miss Berry read my palm for the reasonable price of $10, I began to understand why she was rated #1.  She accurately told me that I was a determined individual that was loyal to my friends.  Then she told me that I was going to live a long life, be successful, rich, happy, and find love.  It was amazing!  What was even more amazing was that Leslie had a similar future: money, health, and love.

All sarcasm aside, I found it funny that she only had positive things to say.  It made me wonder if anyone ever has a negative reading, or if everyone is going to live a long time, be rich, and find love.  At one point she had to ask me if I was in a relationship.  I was like, “you’re the psychic, you tell me.” Even though there wasn’t anything psychic or mysterious about my experience, I had a lot of fun.  I enjoyed acting interested and asking questions.  Everytime she said something positive like, “you are going to earn a lot of money” I would make my eyes big and say, “no way, that’s what I’ve always wanted!”

There were two things that she told me that was truly inspired.  She told me that I would travel the rest of my life.  Miss Berry said it, and so it shall be!  Next, she told me that I would find true love in the form of my 5’5 or 5’6 (she couldn’t get an exact height) dark haired wife.  Everyone please be on the look out for a girl that fits this exact description.  It will be hard to find someone that meets all of Miss Berry’s criteria, but she is out there!  All in all the experience was a lot of fun and Leslie and I had a good laugh about our awesome predictions.  Life should be good according to my reading, I can’t wait to live the dream!

What is something on your bucket list that you are looking to cross off?


2 thoughts on “#68, Check!”

  1. I had mine read in Hong Kong and I was told I would live a long life too. Nothing was said about becoming rich, I need to go to your palm reader.

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