Albisola Superior to Albenga

The great thing about never truly planning a trip is that if you need to change your schedule, it is really easy.

Originally I was going to cycle from Milan to Barcelona, but after seeing the amazing scenery, I decided I would spend an extra day at each of my stops.  My first stop on the coast was Albisola Superior.  The decision to spend an extra day at each of the locations paid off immediately.  I spent the day laying out at the beach trying to recover from all of the cycling.  Since I fell asleep immediately while on the beach, I didn’t get to see much of Albisola.

The next day I spent the day walking around the different shops, seeing all of the unique buildings, and watching people eat (I’m not a creep, I just wanted to see what everyone was eating).  The narrow streets were mesmerizing because around every corner there was something new to see.  Down one street there was an old church.  Around the corner there was an old fashion art studio.  In front of the studio there was a restaurant with a giant window to watch pizzas being tossed.

The next day I cycled to Albenga.  It was fun to ride along the coast because I had to cycle up a large hill and follow the road as it curved around the cliff.  As I began the descent, the city of Albenga came more and more into view.  The coolest part about the ride was seeing an old castle on top of a mountain overlooking the coast.  When I arrived I found a cheap hotel, but unfortunately no one spoke English.  I guess not a lot of tourist outside of Italy visit Albenga.  It was a difficult situation because I usually ask locals where I should visit and which restaurants to try.   To overcome this challenge, I would ask a question in English and get a bunch of blank stares.  Then I would ask it in Spanish.  People would reply in Italian and after a bunch of hand signals we would finally be able to understand one another…I think.


2 thoughts on “Albisola Superior to Albenga”

  1. There have been few times where I can just stop or change plans in the middle of a trip and I’m always jealous of others that can/do. I usually only am able to do that for local/day trips.

    1. Sticking to a schedule and having no plans both have their benefits and drawbacks. Either way you travel, I have found that it is best to take long trips. This allows your schedule, or lack of schedule, to be more flexible, so you can see and do all the things you wanted.

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