The Results Are In

The votes are in and it looks like I am going to South America!  It was a really close competition between Asia and South America, but in the end South America won by one vote.  I would have been happy to go to either continent (I’m just glad North America didn’t win because I had some friends wanting to send me to Orem, Utah!).  Thanks to everyone who voted. 


Now it is time to vote which country in South America you want me to visit.  In your vote you can include cities you want me to visit, activities I should do, things I need to eat, or sites you want me to see.  Get creative because I will select a few ideas and do them.  When I do them I will include it in my blog and give you credit for the idea.  Yes, you could actually be mentioned in my amazing blog.  Imagine the fame and glory!

To vote for which country I should visit in South America leave a comment belowVoting starts today and ends at midnight on August 2nd.  Get voting and spread the word!  Send me anywhere in the world.


16 thoughts on “The Results Are In”

  1. So Brazil probably and if you go make sure you go to iguazu falls. We went on the Argentina side of it and it was really amazing! Also if you want something low key we loved Honey island which is where we went and surfed small island that does not have cars but pretty cool! If you go you might find me in your carry on cause I’ll be super jealous!

  2. first off i demand a recount for the continent! i can’t believe that everyone didn’t vote for north america so you could come visit glorious provo utah!

    that being said…in south america it has go to be Brazil! fortaleza, the amazons, gator hunting, iguazu falls, etc.

  3. Lima, Cuzco, Lake Titicaca, and Macchu Picchu, plus maybe the desert areas along the coast where the big rock designs are, in Peru (probably the best country to visit)
    Santiago and points south in Chile
    Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

  4. cuzco. eat at la chomba. just because i like the name. and there’s some lake in peru where there are aboriginal people living on islands made of reeds! you should go there too…:)

  5. Argentina or Peru, climb Mt. Aconcagua. It’s only a two week climb, and has a low mortality rate for the Seven Summits. Don’t risk your life… I just want to see pictures of the place.

    Also, I know it’s mostly a Mexican thing, but if you run into huitlacoche (or, “corn smut”) anywhere in South America, I think you should DEFINITELY try it and describe the experience.

    Or, you know, do whatever’s fun. Paddle down a portion of the Amazon, starting in Peru and going into Brazil. Catch and eat a piranha or electric eel. Stuff like that. 😀

  6. Argentina, to this beautiful city called Mar Del Plata! Mar Del Plata is a small city by the beach were u can do ALL kind of outdoor activities. You can surf at the beach or enjoy a nice afternoon of kayaking at the natural lakes, go rock climbing or hiking at the sierras. You can also enjoy the talent of the street dancers, skaters and musicians that show their talent on the streets of downtown for is free. Great food, great people, beautiful chicas ;0) and clubs that are open all night long! Over all Mar Del Plata has it all! Do I sound like I was born there? Lol.. good luck

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