Traveling is my life, but I am terrible at keeping a blog.  On my trip to New Zealand I had four blog posts, and that is the best I have ever done.  When I return home from my trips everyone asks, “what did you do“, or “how was it?”  It is impossible to summarize four months of experience in one minute.  Since returning from my last trip, I have felt the need to share my experiences and the things I have learned on my adventures.

Most of my life goals have centered around traveling or have been accomplished while traveling.  We all have dreams and aspirations, yet many of us replace these dreams with things that are safe, familiar, and often mundane.  I hope that reading my story will give you, the reader, the determination to accomplish your life goals.  The happiest moments in my life have been when I was living my dreams.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I agree absolutely! Taking risks and making changes can be scary but the rewards are great.
    There’s always moments of trepidation at the start of any adventure, but every time I’ve trusted that everything will be alright, it always is. Better than that, there are always unimagined surprises that make a journey unbelievably worthwhile.

    Just like this … finding your blog through your finding mine. Thank you for getting in touch. Thanks for inspiring me and others.

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